Betty McKnit


One of the best things about fiber arts – knitting and crochet is COMMUNITY. There is nothing like hanging out with like-minded crocheters and knitters and enjoying a little yarn and conversation.

Facebook Groups

6-Day Kid Blanket Group – This group is dedicated to the 6-Day Kid Blanket pattern. The purpose of the group is to get help starting the blanket, to get inspiration from the many beautiful photos of 6DKB’s that are posted there, to have our group of thousands cheer you on, and to show off your completed work.

We frequently have 6-Day Kid Blanket Challenges that help motivate you to start, work on, or complete a blanket.

Some things you should know about the Facebook Group:

  • You must answer all three questions to get in.
  • Read the pinned announcement, it is a gold mine.
  • The #1 rule for starting the blanket is that we want you to make the swatch. Follow the YouTube videos and make the swatch before starting your blanket. If you ask a question, the first response you will receive will be, “Did you swatch?”
  • We are a drama free group. That means if you post anything questionable or even leaning towards rudeness, you will be removed without warning. We don’t talk about the drama or engage in it, we just remove any potential problems before they even happen.
  • You must keep it positive. That means no ranting, or complaining about the pattern or about yourself or your own work.
  • If you have a question, post a photo and ask our many members for advice. We are here to help!

The 6DKB group on Facebook is the place to go if you are a first-time 6DKBer and would like to ask questions and get some help getting started. It’s also a great place to hang out and work on a blanket!