6-Day Kid Blanket

Thanks to the many knitters and crocheters who have made the 6-Day Kid Blanket! I am so touched and blown away by how many people have made this pattern, and I’m so inspired by all of your color choices. There are some beautiful blankets out there, and I hope your blankets keep you and your loved ones warm for years and years.

The latest edition of the pattern is error-free on . It’s been tested and it stands the test of time.

If you have any questions or get stuck, feel free to EMAIL ME, or message me on my Facebook page.

There is now a Facebook Group for people making the #6dkb. Please join us!

I’m currently looking for people willing to help me translate the pattern for crocheters around the world to enjoy. Email me if you’re interested!

April 08 Crochet - 1.jpg

Knitting Poetry

A Little Poetry by Betty

I will knit it in a chair
I will knit it in the air
I will knit it in the bed
Or maybe just crochet instead
I will knit it lots in cars
I have been known to knit in bars
I will knit it here at home
or anywhere that I might roam
I will knit it here, or there,
I will knit it anywhere!

Lafayette’s Afghan featured on True Blood fan pages!


One of the members of Knit One, Dead Too on Ravelry has already completed the Afghan A La Lafayette, aka Lafayette’s Afghan from True Blood.

It’s just a granny square afghan, but the really special part about it is that it is just like the granny square afghan that Lafayette wraps himself up in after he comes home from the Fangtasia dungeon.

Some of the ladies on Knit One, Dead Too asked for some help with the granny square thing, so I put together the pattern. Thanks to MissInga for actually test-crocheting it for me, because I only have about 10 squares done on mine. (I think I’ll work on it today, I say that every day) MissInga was then kind enough to post pictures of her completed Lafayette’s Afghan and links to my pattern on fan sites and blogs. I’m tickled!

Here’s the blog entry about the afghan: Loving True Blood in Dallas

Thank you MissInga!